Azzura Greens Resort – Hope Island

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Azzura Greens Resort – Hope Island

Azzura Greens Resort, Hope Island Qld.

Services: Structural and Civil Engineering, Project was undertaken by Jason Lenac (with Aurecon)

About the project: This resort building comprises 4 levels of apartments over a large single level basement in extremely poor reclaimed ground conditions. The foundations for this building consisted of precast driven piles to 15 metres in depth founding in rock. The basement slab is constructed 2 metres below the permanent water table; therefore the basement slab has been designed for this significant hydrostatic water pressure. The basement walls have been designed utilising precast concrete walls compared to a conventional cast insitu concrete wall. This allowed a reduction in material costs coupled with a reduction in construction time leading to considerable savings for the contractor.

The apartment floors over have been designed with flat soffits allowing maximum floor to floor heights in these levels. Vertical wall structure was designed using concrete masonry which was seen as the most cost effective form of construction by the contractor. Walls at ground level were designed as deep beams spanning from column to column over the basement, eliminating the need for transfer beams saving time and money.

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