Azzura Village – Ipswich

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Azzura Village – Ipswich

Azzura Village Town Houses, Ipswich Qld.

Services: Structural and Civil Engineering, Project was undertaken by Jason Lenac (with Aurecon)

About the project: Azzura Village is a 107 residential townhouse development located at Ipswich near Brisbane. The site conditions were quite extreme comprising of extremely reactive ground conditions susceptible to large ground movements. A screw piled foundation was adopted, founding in good quality material at 2-3 metres in depth to minimise the potential ground movement.

The ground floor was designed as a suspended slab on ground utilising a layer of compressible material under the slab designed to accommodate ground movement and preventing load transfer onto the slab on ground from the ground material beneath. The townhouses were designed and constructed using timber framed suspended floors and prefabricated timber wall framing delivered to site to increase the speed on construction, and overall construction costs.

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