Brisbane Common Ground

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Brisbane Common Ground

The Brisbane Common Ground Engineering Project, Brisbane Qld.

Services: Structural and Civil Engineering provided by Odyssey Consulting Group.

About:This 14 level apartment building constructed over a single level basement carpark has been designed utilising precast concrete walls with conventionally reinforced floor structures. Continuous flight auger piles were adopted for this project to minimise noise and vibration due to the close proximity of adjacent buildings.

When completed, the 146 unit development will be a sustainable housing solution for chronically homeless people and people on low incomes in Brisbane. It will complement existing housing and services within the community that address homelessness.

More info: Precast concrete walls and columns have been adopted throughout this building. This has reduced the construction programme for the contractor, and reduced the overall construction costs. Due to the adjacent buildings constructed on the property boundaries, by utilising this form of construction allows the walls to be delivered to site prefinished and placed into position without the need to externally access the building due to restricted space.

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