Milan Apartments – Surfers Paradise

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Milan Apartments – Surfers Paradise

Milan Apartment Building, Surfers Paradise Qld.

Services: Structural and Civil Engineering, Project was undertaken by Jason Lenac (with Aurecon)

About the project: Milan Apartments is a 16 level residential apartment building with a single level basement. What makes this building unique is the absence of concrete wall structures within the apartment layouts, to provide a flexible column and wall free space maximising the internal apartment areas on all levels and maximum return for the developer.

A central lift and stair core combined with small shear walls at each end of the typical floors allows the building to distribute lateral loads through the floor diaphragm. By carrying out rigorous detailed analysis allowed additional concrete wall structure to be removed from the front elevation of the building providing the aesthetic quality the architect was wanting to achieve and reducing the overall construction costs of the project.

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